Kaila Devi (Rajasthan)

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Kaila Devi Maa


One of the most venerated fairs of Rajasthan, Kaila devi fair is hels at the temple of Kaila Devi, who is worshipped as the guardian deity by the Yadavas, the Khinchis, and the princess of Karauli. In the courtyard of the temple, there is a small temple of Bhairon and a temple facing the Kaila Devi's shrine houses Lord 'Hanuman', called 'Languriya' in the local dialect. Thousands of devotees belonging to all the communities visit the place throughout the year. The fair attracts a lot of pilgrims from other states also such as Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh , Punjab , Delhi and Haryana, who offer cash, coconuts, kajal (kohl), tikki (vermilion), bangles and sweets to the goddess.


kaila devi



The Kaila Devi temple on the banks of Kalisil river, on the Trikut hills, 2 km from Kaila village, which in turn is 24 km from Karauli district headquarters, Rajasthan.



It is held in the deity Kaila Devi ( a form of Mahalakshmi, the goddess of wealth and Chamunda, the goddess of death).


Time of Celebration: In the month of Chaitra (according to the Hindu calendar), for a fortnight starting from 12th day of Chaitra Budi. For fifteen days in March or April.